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Searching for Existing Patents and Patent Applications

The websites of the National Patent Offices include a wealth of interesting material and are worth checking out. Searches may be performed for free in the databases of the various patent offices. The most important ones are those of:

The website of the Israel Patent Office is available in English and Hebrew, and contains much material of interest. 
For convenience, most patent attorneys subscribe to commercial search engines. These are generally more user-friendly and efficient than the portals maintained by the National Patent Offices. The most popular of these are:

Other databases or information services are dedicated to specific technological fields. For example:

Other resources include Lexis Nexis with a wealth of legal information.

Israeli government sources of information

For those readers looking for business information regarding the Israeli market, see:

  • The Central Bureau of Statistics The Israeli government’s macro statistics agency. It covers all the national indicators and issues reports monthly.
  • The Central Bank of Israel Their site includes regularly updated statistics on national economic issues, publications, and status reports on the state of the economy.

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